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RushFiles Resource Library

Note: This area is under construction and certain links may be temporarily unavailable. We are working on it. Please note all resources are freely available for download from our server, the RushFiles Partner Share, and all except publications are available for rebranding. Thank you for your understanding.

  • GDPR Videos

    As part of our iterative approach to introducing GDPR functionality, we are bringing in some new features in our next major release, scheduled to take effect in January 2018.

  • GDPR e-book #2

    What is Shadow IT, and how should companies respond to it? How does Shadow IT relate to GDPR? How can Managed Service Providers approach Shadow IT as a business opportunity?

  • Webinar Q4-17

    Introduction to our newest release coming over the next few weeks. What’s in the release, what to expect and when to expect it.

  • GDPR Commitment

    At RushFiles, we work to earn the trust of our partners. Thus, protecting the data security of
    their customers is a top priority for us – and compliance is key to this mission.

  • GDPR e-book #1

    By reading our e-book you’ll get a basic idea of what the General Data Protection Regulation is
    all about and the adjustments you need to make to be GDPR compliant.

  • Quick Start Guides

    Here are materials outlining what RushFiles is about (for end-users), how everything works
    step-by-step, and explanations with screenshots of special features.

  • Instruction Videos

    English narrated walk-throughs of our most commonly used features on the following platforms: Apple iOS, Google Android, Apple Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

  • MSP white paper

    Based on the latest Gartner research (Late 2016), the file sync and share market and the MSP industry is growing rapidly.

  • Rebranding Options

    A brief compiled overview without commentary of the updated skinning elements of the RushFiles secure Web App that can be rebranded.

  • Webinar Q1-17

    In this recorded webinar from 11 April 2017, our Product Owner at the time, Peter Lustrup, goes through the detailed release information for official RushFiles partners.

  • Advertisements

    Our extensive collection of print and digital ads, questioning what could happen if sensitive corporate or government data ends up in the wrong hands.

  • Battle cards

    Battle cards are quick fact checking sheets for easy comparison between RushFiles and the consumer file sync solutions we’re most often facing in companies.

  • Playbook

    The full monty – an introduction to RushFiles and how to best get a strategic sales plan in motion, highlighting how MSP’s can become trusted provider to its customers.

  • PowerPoints

    The Microsoft PowerPoint compository is mostly made up of our different sales presentations,
    and various screen and trade fair slideshows of which some may be interactive.

  • Icons

    Here you’ll find the vast collection of digital graphics we’ve used in our marketing materials and website.

  • Feature comparison

    Extensive feature listing for end-users and providers, particurlarly highlights RushFiles vs. Dropbox Business, OneDrive for Business and Google Drive.

  • Logos, pay-offs

    Our entire logo legend, complete with pay-offs
    for you to sample for your sales and marketing materials. Available as high-res EPS.

  • Product Sheets

    PDF files showcasing the unique selling points of RushFiles, our white label options and how these are all beneficial to service providers and corporate end-users.