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  • Monetize your cloud storage
    RushFiles can hook into any of your existing cloud or datacenter storage, allowing you to monetize your local storage flexibly, with a margin set by you.

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  • On-premise or in the cloud
    Our solution is easily installed on any on-premises file server or datacenter and integrates perfectly into the existing IT security policies.

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  • Free support
    Don’t worry about support or technical assistance. You will have free access to our support team.

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  • You name it
    Make our solution your own solution. White labeled, fully rebrandable with your colours, logo and email notifications, and infinitely scalable.

More Partner benefits

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    Higher margins
    Gain revenues from your own solution and from the storage of your customers’ data.

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    Simple pricing
    You pay per company, easy as that. That makes our billing attractive and simple.


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    Seamless integration
    We have integrations ready to deploy for major provisioning platforms or use our API.


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    Infinite scalability
    Add new nodes or distribute the load across servers in the same datacenter or across locations.

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    RushFiles University
    An exclusive training program to get your sales & technical staff up to speed fast.

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    Get started today
    Start with a single server and you can be up and running within hours.

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Companies that don’t use RushFiles might as well put their valuable data out on the street.

With consumer file share and sync corporate data is not safely stored on unmanaged infrastructures, resulting in security and compliance threats, and companies have no idea what data is shared with whom.


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