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Secure Corporate

File sync and share 

The best secure file sync and share software for cloud providers.

Fully white labeled from within the cloud providers own infrastructure.

RushFiles provides the most comprehensive Cloud Drive solution on the market, with an extremely attractive price plan.



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Hiring: C# developer - December 04, 2014
Experienced C# Devloper, that know his way around in the cloud. - Job posted on StackOverflow

Hiring: Kick-ass Titanium developer - December 04, 2014
Hardcore developer to extend our cloud service on the mobile platforms (iOS, Android, WP8) - Job posted on StackOverflow

Hiring: Ung, ambitiøs marketing og kommunikation og social media medarbejder (in Danish) - December 02, 2014
Vi søger en kreativ medarbejder det kan tænker ud af boksen, og som kan varetage det visuelle og kommunikative arbejde for RushFiles.

RushFiles is the best secure file sync and share software for cloud providers enabling them to build a true Cloud Drive solution for their corporate customers.

RushFiles is fully white labeled and runs from within the cloud providers own infrastructure and offering their customers a secure corporate file sync and share solution that is feature comparable with the major public cloud drives.

RushFiles provides the most comprehensive Cloud Drive solution on the market, with an extremely attractive price plan.


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