• Secure Sharing

    RushFiles is the best secure file sync and share software enabling service providers to build a true cloud solution for companies.

    Our software is fully rebrandable and runs from within your providers own infrastructure. Thus offering their customers a secure corporate file sync and share solution, which is feature comparable to major public cloud drives.

  • Your Datacenter

    RushFiles gives you the solution to meet customer demands. To build cloud drives and synchronisation services directly in your datacenter and tech infrastructure. Our software easily adapts to your expanding customer base.

    Simply add nodes or distribute load balancing across multiple servers in the same datacenter or throughout multiple hosting locations.

  • Rebranding

    RushFiles supports using your corporate identity and design. It is possible to fully rebrand our web client and most parts of the system including all system-generated events.

    Being a large and conscious provider you may want to have all clients re-branded. No problem; Rebranding of all clients can be done for larger providers who want a fully rebranded solution.

Meet RushFiles 2.0 – with Improved Usability

We are happy to inform you that we have just released an updated version of the RushFiles Web App with a new user friendly and graphically awesome layout

RushFiles 2.0
  • Customer Benefits

    • Access Company Files via Mobile Devices
    • Sync and Share with Company Outsiders
    • No More Large Mails + An FTP Alternative
    • Access To Your Digital Office Everywhere
    • Video Tutorials and Documentation
    • Safe Enterprise-Grade Cloud Storage
  • Amazing Features

    With the massive success of RushFiles we hope to be able to prioritise the features that are benificial to most of our corporate users.

  • Provider Benefits

    • Scale to Support Thousands of Customers
    • Rebranding: Your Corporate Identity
    • All our Client Software is Free of Charge
    • Unlimited Colors & Custom Backgrounds
    • API integration with any Control Panels
    • Free and Unlimited Tech Support
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