MSP Whitepaper

FREE • Published November 2016

  • The Future of File Sync and Share services

    How to stay in control of your business by giving full control to your customers.

    This white paper, intended for Managed Service Providers and Solution Providers, offers actionable facts and figures to expand or improve the solutions you have on offer today:

    • Overview: Todays’ cloud market
    • Opportunity: File sync and share for any and every business
    • Trends: Start selling file sync and share
    • Tips & tricks: Sell file sync and share from different perspectives

    After providing information on the overall cloud market, and how file sync and share is growing to become an essential part of any service provider solution, let’s dive into the future of selling solutions. First we will elaborate on sales trends that can be identified. Secondly, we will address how to look at file sync and share from different perspectives together with your end-users.

    Have fun reading!

    Thomas Jørgen Jacobsen
    Head of Marketing, RushFiles

  • Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
    With consumer file-sharing, IT admins have no idea where their corporate data is stored or who has access to it.

    Users own the data on these apps – with RushFiles, data ownership shifts back to the company.

    You’re in Control
    With RushFiles, a fileserver is easily migrated to a secure cloud.

    This is a cloud where all employees can access company files from any device, while always knowing where the data is stored and who has access.

    You’ll always be in control of your valuable corporate data.

    About RushFiles
    RushFiles is a secure file sync and share service, headquartered in Denmark, offering safe cloud storage and file synchronization.

    Any hosting providers’ datacenter can be enabled to offer secure cloud to businesses where admins will be in full control of their data.