RushFiles GDPR e-book 2

FREE • Published December 2017

  • In the World of GDPR: 

    What is Shadow IT – and how Shadow IT can help Service Providers grow their business?

    With the implementation of the GDPR less than half a year away, most companies have their hands full. But as they try to prepare for the upcoming data legislation, there is a new obstacle: Shadow IT.

    In this e-book we will provide you with all the insights to Shadow IT. What is Shadow IT, and how should companies respond to it? How does Shadow IT relate to the GDPR? How can Managed Service Providers approach Shadow IT as a business opportunity?

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    In our second GDPR e-book you’ll learn:

    • What is Shadow IT
    • Where did Shadow IT come from
    • What’s the connection between GDPR and Shadow IT
    • How can companies avoid Shadow IT
    • How MSPs should respond to Shadow IT
    • Should companies always be afraid of Shadow IT?
    • Employees create their own “solutions”
    • Employees get exactly what they want
    • Less work for the IT department
    • Is the GDPR a business opportunity?

    Also mentioned are the long-awaited RushFiles GDPR features coming in 2018:

    As part of Rushfiles’ iterative approach to introducing GDPR functionality, we are bringing in some new features in our next major release, scheduled to take effect in January 2018. Read more about these new reporting features as well.

    Have fun reading!

    Thomas Jørgen Jacobsen
    Head of Marketing, RushFiles