• RushFiles Features

    RushFiles combines easy use with powerful enterprise-grade security, improving business continuity and productivity.

Product specific features

Unlimited users: start today and add users as you grow
Unlimited scalability: add new nodes or distribute load across servers
Unlimited storage and back-up: safely store as much data as required
Unlimited file versions: versioning is built-in and indefinite
Full file server functionality: complete cloud based solution
TB of data on any device: enables sharing of large files

Reseller features

API integration with any control panel: seamless integration with existing services
Reseller portal: all the information you need in one place

End-user security

Remote Wipe: easily remove data from any device
Private encryption key: securely share data on any device

Reseller design

Custom design on emails and web app: making our solution your solution
Fully rebrand the RushFiles solution: design using your colors and logo

Only when you’re in
control can you let go