With less than a year to go, many companies have no clue about the GDPR and what to do about it

The GDPR will come into force in the summer of 2018. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you probably should know this.

But…Then again.

According to recent studies, it seems that many companies and/or people don’t really understand that the GDPR could affect them and very likely will.

Take this study from NTT Security . It has some pretty, well, surprising findings:

Globally, only 40% of organizations, on average, believe that they will be affected by GDPR

Outside Europe, organizations are failing to see how the regulations will affect them, with only 25% of people in the US and 29% of people in Hong Kong understanding that GDPR will affect them

33% of respondents don’t know where their data is physically stored

Of those that do know, only 45% are ‘definitely aware’ of how the new GDPR regulations will affect their data storage.


Here’s another one from UK marketing organisation DMA .

Betanews reports:

The report says that in the last year, “awareness and preparedness among marketers has risen.” More than three quarters (77 percent) now rate their awareness as good, with just less than three quarters (74 percent) said they’re either “extremely” or “somewhat” prepared for the upcoming changes.

Their companies, however, are not that prepared. Among companies, preparedness is on 58 percent, despite the fact that 85 percent implemented their plans for GDPR.


It’s good news that individuals are educating themselves and awareness is on the rise. But more than 40 percent of companies don’t consider themselves to be prepared at this point. And the clock is ticking with implementation less than a year away.

We can only imagine that companies will act with much greater resolve when fines begin to arrive at the scene.   

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