How MSPs can help customers improve cyber security – and make a lucrative business out of it

The internet has become a dangerous place to play.

Most companies understand that by now. Few days pass by without a high-profile news report breaking that a major company has come under attack from cyber criminals or that a new criminal tactic has been invented.

A recent danish study found that 67 percent af companies fell victim to ransomware in 2016. That’s a rise from 22 percent in 2015. Overall, 69 percent of companies experienced some form of cyberattack in 2016, which makes you wonder if those companies that didn’t experience a cyberattack simply failed to realize that they actually did.

Anyway, there is really no doubt about the facts: Cybercrime is an increasingly big deal and most companies know that they have to do something about it.

Security software

This is where MSP’s enter the picture.

While cybercrime is quite troubling to companies and entire countries to be honest, it is also a potentially viable business opportunity. The need to stay protected against cybercrime creates another need to invest in technology that will help companies stay in the clear.

Over at Continuum they have a pretty interesting blog post that outlines some of the ways that MSPs can help companies stay protected against cybercrime. The ideas aren’t necessarily revolutionizing but they are smart to keep in mind as we approach another year in which cybercrime rates are bound to set new highs.

Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

Identify threats

Cybercrime is a broad term, so the first thing that MSPs need to do is make sure that customers understand what type of threats that your technology can protect them against.

Many people learn about cybercrime from news coverage so it is important to communicate about cybercrime in the same way that the general public does. Terms such as ransomware, phishing or DDoS attack might be too technical for all companies to understand so you should try to talk about cyber threats in more generic terms – without making it too vague of course.

Make it easy for potential clients to understand which products that protect against specific types of threats. Some companies might know that certain types of cybercrime often affect their sector or industry, so they are going to be on the lookout for something specific. Help them find what they are looking for.

What you need to offer

There is going to be a natural limit to the amount of technologies that you can offer clients. So when you have identified the cyber threats that concern your client base the most, you need to find the products that will help them get the job done. You can’t offer everything, so make it a key priority that if many clients struggle with, let’s say, ransomware, you should offer a variety of technologies that can handle this specific threat.

You should offer a variety of products that deal with the same type of cybercrime. If companies feel that they need to elevate their security level, you got them covered with different levels of protection.

Cybercrime will continue to affect companies all over the world. Rushfiles will keep you covered on the most important tendencies on our blog.