Hello World. We are RushFiles.

Hi there, file sync and share friend.

We are RushFiles, and we’re happy you found your way onto our new blog. As this is one of our first entries, we’d like to start off with a modest handshake to introduce ourselves. But first, a little background —

By now, RushFiles is a fast-growing SaaS company and has gained notoriety in especially the European hosting and filesharing industry. We’ve had challenges to overcome since our inception 4 years ago, and communication until now hasn’t been a cornerstone of our company. That is why we are intent on deeply strenghtening communications.

From creating a totally awesome customer experience to building a thriving and leading secure file sharing business, satisfaction and communication is an integral part of our strategy going forward.

We also want to start telling the behind the scenes stories of our team; who we are, our passion and the work we do.

Thus today we are officially saying hello.

Who’ll be writing
The team at RushFiles is a very special and diverse set of people who are all experts in their different fields. We’ve got coders, designers, marketers and strategists – who all come together and do magic.

Expect to hear more from the RushFiles team in later posts.

What we’ll write about
We want our blog to be a place where you come to learn, get inspired, read more about us, the sync and share industry, and have some fun. You can see our findings, insights, processes and resources.

Our goal is an open and honest dialogue with all of you, as we hope to further build on our great partnerships – while also welcoming new readers who share our interest in secure file sync and share.

Our house is your house
So, friends, let’s learn and take this adventure together. We’ll pull back the curtains and give you a view of the different business areas at RushFiles.

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