In control: anytime, any place and from any device

Imagine walking over to a café with your laptop and discovering you cannot connect to the network. Or, imagine spending 2,5 hours in a train without Wi-Fi. Well, unless you happen to have great book with you, that could be considered a waste of time. Especially as your schedule is probably as busy as mine.

By adding File sync and share to your solutions, you are not only providing companies a secure way of sharing corporate information. You are also making it possible for all employees to work safely from anywhere, at any time and any location. Even without Wi-Fi access.

RushFiles increases business productivity by including the next three features:

  • Offline full file structure
    Even offline, you always have a local image of the entire file structure from the server. Without this taking up any space on your device. This enables you to easily search for any file, but only download the ones you really need.
  • Bulk download for offline working
    Just two clicks and you’re downloading an entire folder or file structure. Full access to all documents provides you the opportunity to remain productive wherever you are.
  • Offline synchronization
    Simply select folders to update in the background whenever you have Internet access again.
    This way you are always up to-date and able to work on files even when you’re offline.

Another scenario to imagine is, you’re on holiday but due to an issue at the office you need to access a file quickly. Or. Your flight is delayed and you want to work from a public device at the airport. How to access your documents safely?

RushFiles allows you to work from any device without compromising on safety

  • Safe 24/7 access
    Easily access corporate files from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Just install our client application, currently available for Microsoft Windows, Windows phone, Google Android, Apple iOS and Mac as web client. Even if you don’t have your own computer, RushFiles still guarantees secure access to your files.

The last scenario is one that is very unfortunate, but can happen to anyone. You forget your bag in the train. Or. Your phone is stolen. With our Remote Wipe functionality, it is easy to make sure that whoever gets a hold of your device, cannot access corporate data.

  • Remote wipe
    Administrators can always remotely delete all the files and folders from a user’s device. This ensures that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.