Boost your business by extending your services

Selling business applications as part of your solution is taking your services to the next level. Your customers will increasingly ask for other solutions, whether focused on solving a compliancy or productivity issue, make sure you’re prepared. This is how we can help you stay in control of your business:

  • Easy start
    Offering our cloud based solution to your customers is quite simple. Start with a single server and you can be up and running within hours. Proceed by integrating it into your own billing and provisioning platform. This should only take you a day or two.
  • Easy to install
    Our solution is easily installed on any on premise or datacentre location and integrates into the existing IT security policies. Meaning you can customize the solution to fully comply with EU data regulations. Whilst your customers keep full control and ownership of their data.
  • Unlimited support
    Don’t worry about costs for support or technical assistance. You will have free access to our support team and direct access to our development team.
  • White labelled
    You can easily make it your own sync and share solution by applying your own look and feel to the web interface, mobile apps and desktop applications.
  • Higher margin
    Optimize your profit by meeting the customer demands with a solution that is built and supported directly on your own infrastructure. You will not only gain revenues from selling sync and share, but also from storing your customers’ data.
  • Churn killer
    Storage of critical data is a massive churn killer. Don’t let your customers use consumer based solutions, drive them to use a solution that is safer and controlled by a familiar provider. Provide a solution that is reliable, without compromising on the flexibility they are used to.

These are just a few of RushFiles’ partner benefits, all enabling you to add more solutions to your solutions in a nip of time and boost your business!