• Three aspects of the GDPR that MSPs absolutely NEED to understand

    The GDPR is less than one year away now. Companies all over the world are in a rush to make sure that they are in compliance with the new data legislation come May 2018. Managed service providers are no exception. In our free e-book, 10 things that MSPs need to know about the GDPR (you […]

  • Are US firms better prepared for the GDPR than the Europeans?

    The GDPR comes into force in May 2018, and companies all over the world are scrambling to get ready for the new data regulation. As we have explained in our e-book on the subject, the GDPR will apply to all companies that control and/or process personal data belonging to european citizens. In that sense, a […]

  • Why small companies need to pay attention to the GDPR

    When the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25 2018, it marks the beginning of a new era in corporate data security. The GDPR will apply to all companies that hold data on EU citizens, but so far most of the attention has been focused on large concerns and how […]

  • GDPR: What will happen on May 25 2018?

    It has been described as D-Day for data protection law in Europe. On May 25 2018 the GDPR will apply in all Member States and globally to all companies and organisations that offer goods and services to individuals in the EU. And this time there is no fooling around.   GDPR is here The GDPR […]

  • GDPR: What punishment – and how hard will it be?

    When the GDPR was disclosed in early 2016, one aspect caught the attention of companies and organisations like none other: The sheer volume of the fines that ‘controllers’ and ‘processors’ could face if unable to comply with the GDPR. And it is true, actually. Fines have are increased drastically compared to the Data Protection Act […]

  • GDPR: What does compliance even mean?

    MSPs that dream of a quick fix or one-time solution are going to be sorely disappointed. The ability to comply with the GDPR is going to require a continuous effort. The reason is perhaps the most significant addition to the GDPR compared to previous data protection legislation. Including the Data Protection Act from 1998. In […]

  • Compliance with the GDPR: Does geography even matter?

    Yes, we have already explained that the GDPR covers all companies that offer goods or services to individuals in EU. So obviously geography doesn’t matter, right? Well, actually, it’s not that simple. The GDPR aims to harmonise data protection law across the European Union. However, there are still areas in which Member States can apply […]

  • Not just the ‘right to be forgotten’: What about those other rights?

    The “right to be forgotten” is far from the only right under the GDPR. The new EU data protection laws feature more than seven rights including the big one we have already discussed. Companies and organisations need to prepare numerous processes in order to comply with all of them. In this blog post, we take […]

  • What MSPs ABSOLUTELY need to know about the ‘right to be forgotten’

    One of the staples of the GDPR is the fabled ‘right to be forgotten’. It may sound like a cheesy tagline from the depths of Hollywood, but the right ‘to be forgotten’ is actually one of the most vital aspects of the new EU data protection laws. In short, companies won’t stand a chance of […]