• Meet RushFiles

    Founded in 2012, we are a company born in the era of connecting and sharing. Modern technology enables people to connect with anyone, any device, at any time and any place. And it doesn’t stop there. It’s not just about connecting, it’s about sharing.

    You name it, you share it. RushFiles keeps it safe.

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  • We know tech and we know the issues companies are facing regarding securely sharing of data. Our combined experience, knowledge and ambition has a name: RushFiles. The first EFSS solution with an extensive partner business model.

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  • RushFiles is a team of people that provide business owners the sense of control they’re looking for. But we can’t do this on our own. That’s why we work closely with partners worldwide. We’re in this together, from the first
    point of contact to sharing our successes.

We were not the first to create a File Sync and Share solution, but the way we enable you to integrate RushFiles in your existing portfolio is unique.

“Your success is our success. And our success is your success.”

Meet the RushFiles management team

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    Jan Hjortshøj
    — CEO

    : +45 31 22 59 25
    : jhj@rushfiles.com

    Jan Hjortshøj has traversed the IT industry for more than 30 years. Since his start at IBM, Jan has been working as a senior manager with Microsoft for 16 years, in Nordic and global roles, and as CEO of multiple software companies in Denmark.

    Jan is known for his result driven, professional yet humble managerial approach, and a veteran of the field.

    As CEO, Jan will be responsible for aligning the company’s identity and opportunity with the overall strategy and execution, continuing and underlining RushFiles as the preferred EFSS company within the industry.

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    Gerrit-Jan van Wieren
    — CSO

    : +31 6160 20288
    : gj@rushfiles.com

    Gerrit-Jan could best be described as addicted to Monthly Recurring Revenue, bringing a high energy level and enthusiasm to RushFiles.

    He is currently responsible for revising our Global go-to-market strategy, partner sales programs, and developing Enterprise customers – such as system integrators, telco’s and hosting companies – in their go-to-market strategies.

    Value Chain and adjusting proposition bottom up or top down is critical for success.

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    Claus Villumsen
    — CTO

    : +45 53 72 75 35
    : cvi@rushfiles.com

    Claus has more than 12 years CTO experience, and is highly specialized in solving problems and making awesome new things happen by getting everyone in close cooperation to deliver great achievements.

    As CTO his tools are agile development methods, being lean, self-motivated and forward thinking.

    Claus is responsible for leading and directing the overall vision and strategy for RushFiles apps and the general usage of technology.